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Bringing the Fantasy to Life

We recently embarked on an exploration into digital art created through Photoshop. This was not our maiden journey although earlier attempts were a bit of a shipwreck. We attended a live class, invested in an online course, bought a doorstop sized manual, and watched (ok continue to watch) dozens of free tutorials without success.

This latest endeavor represents HOURS of work over several weeks. It feels like it happened almost overnight but Photoshop is finally becoming fun! At the risk of spoiling the magic, we want to give you a peek into the process by sharing the original photos used to create this work.

The main subject is this performer from the RVA Folk Festival. Vegetation was positioned in front of her to help integrate her into the rest of the scene.

The birds were shot at the #NationalAviary in Pittsburgh. We flipped the first photo because it felt better for the composition. The neck and back of the Spoonbill was blown out so we painted in some extra feathers.

The tower on the hill is #ChurchBrewWorks - an old church in Pittsburgh converted into a brewery and restaurant.

The stream and most of the vegetation was shot at Frank Lloyd Wright's house, #fallingwater. In the first photo, water dribbles down a hillside next to the driveway while the second shows water tumbling over rocks just upstream of the house.

Putting these shots together reminded us of putting together a jigsaw puzzle...except with more than one way to assemble the pieces.

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